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The Stone Chapel at Riverside Ribbon Cutting

By Taniesa L Sullivan | www.The

The beautiful Stone Chapel at Riverside which is located at 360 Riverside Lane in Gaylesville, Alabama had its Ribbon Cutting event Thursday, August 11.

The Stone Chapel is owned by a long-time resident of the area Donna Richards.

Richards told The Weekly Ledger, that "the Stone Chapel at Riverside would not have happened if it had not been for two people Mayor Elizabeth Stafford of Gaylesville and the Hurley's."

"The Stone Chapel at Riverside wants to be a center for the community. We want to have here whatever you may need at a reasonable and affordable price from a wedding, baby shower, funeral, or whatever you need our space for, you just let us know."

The Stone Chapel at Riverside is also building a pavilion out on their beautiful, manicured lawn. But due to weather, the construction has been delayed for a few weeks.

"Here at Stone Chapel, we are trying to have an event every month that is open to the community. On Sunday, August 28, we will be having an Old-Fashion Homecoming with sings and dinner on the grounds. We will be providing the meats for the dinner, Sheri Dunn from Sherri's Bakery will be providing the deserts, we just ask those that come from the community to bring a side dish, if they can. Also, in October we will be having a craft show", Richards said.

The Stone Chapel at Riverside will also be hosting a book club and writers' group.

Richards said, "we also have some friends that are songwriters in Nashville that are coming down looking for people to help them write. So, if anyone has any interest in that just come on down."

Stone Chapel at Riverside is helping do a fundraiser for a food pantry, blankets, and clothing on site for those in need in the Gaylesville area. Richards said she is wanting to give back to the community and to the youth that may be couch surfing and do not have a warm place to lay their head.

"We here at the Stone Chapel at Riverside do not lock our doors because if someone is in need of a cool place or a warm place to lay their head for the moment, we want to be that place. We are not worried about vandalization, we do have a good camera system. So, that is why we have decided to keep the doors unlocked. So, if anyone ever just needs to stop by and say a prayer or whatever you need, we would be happy to have you. And if anyone is up to preach, I am up for it just come on Sunday." said Richards

If you are interested in renting this beautiful venue for your next wedding, shower, party, meeting, or more call 706-237-9799

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