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Teacher of the Year

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Nominate Your Teacher or Educational Staff Member!


Teachers and educational staff members are often over-worked, and under-celebrated, and we want to change that here at The Weekly Ledger News, but we need your help. Nominate a local teacher or educational staff member and tell us why they’re special. They could be the next Teacher of the Year along with receiving some really special gifts and even maybe something yummy special for their classroom. All you have to do is nominate the teacher or staff member who has made a difference in your life or your child’s life or in the school system.


Just make sure you register your nomination by April 25th and don't forget to tell us what makes them stand out. We’ll pick a Teacher of the Year, on May 1st. Your nomination will be featured in the paper until the next school year. 


Sponsored jointly by: *If you would like to sponsor the 2023-2024 school year Teacher of the Year please call us at 253-523-1572 or email us at*


To register a nomination please email your name, the nominees name, school name, grade they teach, and why you feel they should be selected in the body of an email to with the month you are entering and "Teacher of the Year Contest on the subject line.

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