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Beware of New Email Scam Say Alabama Police, It Isn't the Best Buy "Geek Squad"

Police in Alabama say beware of a new email scam going around – that new message in your inbox isn’t from Best Buy!!

Scottsboro Police say that they’ve recently received a couple of emails claiming to be from the Best Buy “Geek Squad” – which is the technical service department from the Best Buy store chain; that email says the “Geek Squad” has automatically renewed its protection subscription at the rate of $499.99 – and it’ll then provide a FAKE invoice number, renewal date, and service name.

Police say the letter has absolutely nothing to do with Best Buy, or it’s “Geek Squad” – simply ignore the email and hit “delete”.

The purpose of that scam is to trick people into calling the number provided (1-808-666-6112) and giving personal information such as full name, credit card details, and social security numbers OR pay a “cancellation” fee. In select cases, those scammers attempt to trick users into downloading malware or providing remote access to their computers.

Again, should you receive that email, simply ignore it, and then get rid of it by hitting “delete”.


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