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Remember Your Pets During Heatwave

(TWLN-The Weekly Ledger News)- June 22 was another sweltering day in Alabama, another day in which the temperatures toyed with the 100-degree mark in many places, and it doesn't seem to be over yet. You should not only remember to take care of yourself but don’t neglect your pets as well.

We have to remember that our four-legged friends depend on us to keep them cool and away from the heat.

All the more reason to keep them inside if you’re able. If not, make sure they have plenty of cold water in their bowls outside, and if you choose to have a little kiddie pool for them to cool off, that needs to be in the shade. Even with shade, animals shouldn't be outside for extended periods.

Dogs and cats, their natural body temperature is higher than humans. They don't sweat the same way we do. They can only sweat through their paws or their mouths. So, they have a really hard time getting rid of heat. One of the largest humane societies in the state says at this point, they haven’t had any reports of pets dying from heat but wouldn’t be surprised if it happens.

“Do not bring your pets out in the car with you. It heats up too quickly in the car and if you have to walk them make sure you walk them on the grass if all possible. Extreme temperatures are felt more by animals and heat strokes can happen very quickly for your four-legged friends. Keep an eye on them,” said Montgomery County Humane Society Marketing Director Lea Turbert.

Turbert says to keep this in mind as well: animals sweat through their paws, so if you typically take them for a walk, do so early in the morning before it gets too hot or late in the afternoon. And remember the pavement can be extremely hot and may cause burns on the pads of the feet of both dogs and cats.

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