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Notice: Change in Inmate Mail Policy at Cherokee County Detention Center

CHEROKEE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center will be changing the mail security policies to help further prevent the introduction of dangerous contraband into the jail for the safety of our Corrections Staff and inmates.

Beginning August 15, 2022: Personal inmate mail sent to this facility will NOT be accepted.

After August 15, 2022: Personal inmate mail will need to be mailed to the facility located in Decatur, AL.

Personal Inmate Mail should be addressed as follows: County Detention Center Inmate Name / Inmate Number 1605 Beltline Rd SW D8 # 224 Decatur, AL 35601

At this location, the inmate mail will be scanned into the inmate’s JailATM communication account.

Legal mail will continue to be accepted at the Cherokee County Detention Center IF it is sent by an attorney of record. Legal mail must be CLEARLY marked “Private Legal Mail” with the inmate’s name.

Listed below is the direct link to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office website for further details on the new Detention Center’s Inmate Mail Policy and Procedures:

If you have any questions about inmate correspondence, please contact the Cherokee County Detention Center at 256-927-6435.

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