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Breaking News: Judge Declares Mistrial in Susan Renee Lanham Murder Case

CHATTOOGA COUNTY, GA- The Susan Renee Lanham murder trial ended with a hung jury Wednesday following deliberations that started on Friday.

A Chattooga County Superior Court judge has declared a mistrial in the Susan Renee Lanham murder trial. It was a mistrial on all murder charges. The jury did convict her on two counts of giving false statements. She's now in the sheriff's custody and awaiting sentencing.

Lanham, 56, was tried on charges of murdering her husband Eddie at his Summerville home in September 2017.

The trial has gone on for several weeks and including one delay for covid and then was moved to Walker County briefly following the Labor Day floods in Summerville.

We'll have additional updates once they become available from the district attorney's office.

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