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100-Degree Temperatures Coming to Alabama This Week

Triple-digit high temperatures will be possible for a chunk of Alabama this week, according to forecasters.

The National Weather Service is forecasting temperatures -- and humidity levels -- to creep upwards through the week, and there’s the potential for many spots to hit 100 degrees before the week is over.

A hot week is ahead in Alabama. Above is the high-temperature forecast for Wednesday. A large part of the state could see highs top 100 degrees, and triple-digit temperatures could be possible on Thursday and Friday as well.

“Confidence is high that extreme heat will affect the area Wednesday into the end of the week,” the National Weather Service in Mobile said in its Monday forecast discussion.

Temperatures may reach record levels across the state on Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday.

Wednesday’s forecast highs are at the top of this post. Here are the forecast highs for Thursday:

More 100-degree temperatures will be possible in Alabama on Thursday.

“Afternoon highs, as currently projected, will be in (daily) record territory during this 3-day stretch,” the National Weather Service in Birmingham said in its Monday forecast discussion.

Unfortunately, there won’t be much relief at night, either, with lows only expected to fall into the 70s, forecasters added. That can only add to heat stress on those with no air conditioning.

An area of high pressure is helping to crank up heat levels this week and will keep rain chances on the low side the next few days. However, expect humidity levels and rain chances to rise after Wednesday.

The National Weather Service will likely need to issue heat advisories for part of the state in the next few days as the combination of heat and humidity reaches concerning levels.


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