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What’s the Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded in Alabama?

Alabama is in the middle of a heat wave with the combination of soaring temperatures and humidity leading to heat advisories for most of the state.

And while it’s certainly scorching outside, it’s well short of the record for hottest day in Alabama.

According to Stacker, the all-time highest temperature in Alabama was 112° F recorded on Sept. 6, 1925 in Centreville in Bibb County.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the lowest temperature recorded in the state was -27° F in New Market in Madison County on Jan. 30, 1966.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. was recorded in July 1913 in Death Valley, California when temperatures reached 134° F. The highest temperature in the U.S. recorded on an automated measuring system was also in Death Valley, when temps reached 130° F on July 9, 1921.

According to Stacker, more than 210° F separates the highest and the lowest temperatures on record in the U.S.


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