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Weekly Wisdom from the Word by Pastor Dennis Dodson: Idol Worship

By: Pastor Dennis Dodson

Vice President/ Treasurer

Seeds of Faith, Inc., A Non-Profit Ministry

Colossians 3:16-17

“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom…”

In Genesis 31, Jacob fled from his father-in-law Laban. He did not know

that Rachel had stolen her father’s family idols. Laban came and searched but did

not find the idols. Rachel had hidden them away. If Jacob was going to have a

relationship with Jehovah, the One True God, there could not be any idols or idol

worship involved. The same goes for us, at some point you will have to put away

all the idols you worship, or they will be a stumbling block in your relationship

with Christ.

Most of us would quickly declare that we don’t worship any idols, but a

quick examination might prove different. If you dissect our checkbooks and see

what consumes most of our money, you might find some extravagant things that

we could do without giving to the Lord instead. If you look at our calendars you

might find some activities that require large amounts of our time but are no profit

for the kingdom. Some are searching for power, acceptance, fame, or maybe

peace at any cost. All these things can become idols. I ask you not to examine your

neighbor, but to examine yourself prayerfully.

For Jacob, this time of examination was in Genesis 35. He was commanded

to go to Bethel, where he began, and build an altar. Jacob gathers his household

and tells them to put away the strange gods that are among them, be clean, and

change their garments (Genesis 35:2). They needed to prepare to go to God’s

house (the meaning of Bethel). They needed to cleanse themselves, put on new

clothes, and leave all the idols behind.

This is a picture of salvation. We are cleaned by the purifying work of the

Holy Spirit, given a robe of righteousness to wear, and the idols should have no

place in our lives any longer. I ask, are you ready to let go of those things that

hinder your walk, or will you try to carry them into the house of God? It’s time to

choose who you will serve.

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