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UPDATE: Gadsden Reginal Medical Center Releases CEO Justin Bryant

GADSDEN, AL - On Wednesday, July 27, The Weekly Ledger News received reports of Gadsden Regional Medical Center terminating and escorting CEO Justin Bryant from their facility.

After posting our initial article stating, "Breaking News: the CEO of Gadsden Regional Medical Center was escorted from the facility." We received a message from Whitney Alexander, Marketing Manager for GRMC that our article was false and needed to be removed *immediately* and then they provided a statement. The statement stated that "Justin Bryant has resigned as CEO."

However, The Weekly Ledger investigative reporter on this story has spoken with several different internal eyewitness sources that have said, *CEO Justin Bryant was terminated by the board for insubordination, security did walk Bryant out of the facility, and other information. *These allegations have not been confirmed with GRMC nor former CEO Justin Bryant.

We have reached back out to Gadsden Regional Medical Center, and former CEO Justin Bryant, and neither have responded by press time.

Continue to follow The Weekly Ledger News as more information on this story unfolds.

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