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The God Who Sees

by: Pastor Dennis Dodson

Vice President/ Treasurer

Seeds of Faith, Inc., A Non-Profit Ministry

Colossians 3:16-17

“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom…”

In Genesis 16, Abram and his wife Sarai waited 13 years for the

promised seed or child of God. From our perspective, 13 years is a long time to

wait. They decide to help God out. Instead of waiting, Sarai suggests Abram have a

child with her Egyptian handmaiden, Hagar. According to the custom of the day,

this would have been acceptable, but it was not God’s plan. Their choice to rush

God had some severe consequences. Hagar despises her mistress since she could

have a child and Sarai could not. Sarai despises Hagar and blamed Abram. Abram

blamed Sarai and tells her to deal with her own handmaiden. The whole camp was

affected by this decision that God was not a part of. Things get so bad, that Hagar flees.

Next, we see Hagar at a well of water and the angel of the Lord visits her.

Her son Ishmael will be blessed, and Hagar is instructed to return to camp and

submit to Sarai. Hagar makes a most interesting statement about God. She

declares I have seen the God who sees me. Each encounter with God tells us more

of his character. We find out here that God sees.

This is very comforting to anyone who is suffering or afflicted as Hagar was.

God sees it all. Not only does God see it all, but He lived on this earth as man,

Jesus Christ. Jesus identified with us, by being flesh and blood, so we could identify

with Him, being born again of the Spirit. We not only have a God who sees, but we

have a God who cares. He cares enough to offer you a way out of the affliction of

sin. All we have to do is believe and surrender.

Having met this God, Hagar obeys the command she was given. We can be

assured that God sees your past, He sees your pain, and He knows the predicament

you are in now. He sees it all, and He still wants to have a relationship with you.

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