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Sand Rock PTSO Thanks Sponsors for Their Support for Teachers and Staff Appreciation Week, May 1-5

Taniesa L. Sullivan | The Weekly Ledger News | Sand Rock PTSO Press Release

SAND ROCK, Ala. - Sand Rock School PTSO would like to thank the businesses and special donors for their support with this year's Teachers and Staff Appreciation Week, which took place May 1 - 5. The 2022-2023 Teachers and Staff Appreciation Week was a great success all due to the numerous supporters that gave.

The Sand Rock PTSO'S theme for Teachers and Staff Appreciation Week this year was “Lift Us Up”. The "Lift Us Up" theme had students and families get involved daily with ideas and incentives to show their appreciation for the teachers and staff.

President of the PTSO Nikki Snow said, "My personal favorite part of the week was seeing all the cards students were writing for the Staff using the appreciation tables that we placed throughout the school, even the youngest of our students' colored hearts and wrote thank you notes, really warmed my heart."

"We were so fortunate to be sponsored by several businesses and parents, to make this week extra special' and I want to give a big thank you for all everyone did to help. We appreciate you so much," said Snow.

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