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Jury Deliberation Continues in Murder Trial of Susan Renee Lanham

CHATTOOGA COUNTY, GA - A jury continues their deliberations in the murder trial of a Chattooga County woman.

Susan Renee Lanham is charged with the murder of her husband. The fifty-three-year-old hairdresser is standing trial for felony murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit murder, and criminal solicitation.

The murder trial began in August and was first delayed because Lanham’s defense attorney had COVID-19. The case was then delayed further after the Labor Day Weekend Flood caused damage in downtown Summerville. Lookout Mountain Circuit Judge Don Thompson then moved the trial to Walker County because of flooding issues.

A jury has been deliberating since late last week. Lanham’s defense attorney maintains that she is innocent. (WZQZ)

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