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Jacksonville State Student Struck by Vehicle Passed Away

Taniesa L. Sullivan | The Weekly Ledger News

JACKSONVILLE - A Jacksonville State University student struck by a vehicle in a crosswalk near campus Wednesday has died.

A spokesperson with UAB Hospital confirms Leah Tarvin passed away Friday.

A pastor connected to Leah Tarvin's family said her organs were being donated.

UAB held an honor walk before Tarvin's organs were donated.

Leah Tarvin graduated from Holly Pond High School where she was a drum major and attended Wallace State and then Jacksonville State where she was a student in forensic investigations.

Tarvin was struck by a vehicle in a crosswalk near Brewer Hall on Wednesday near the Jacksonville State University campus, according to the university.

She was treated on the scene by medical personnel before being transported to UAB Hospital via helicopter. Authorities say she suffered “serious injuries.”

According to Jacksonville Police Chief Marcus Woods, the accident occurred at approximately 5:54 p.m. on Highway 21.

Police said that it is too early to say if the driver will face charges, but that they will present information to the district attorney.

The driver of the vehicle did stop and is cooperating with the police.

JSU President Killingsworth released the following statement on Facebook:

Pedestrian accidents like the one that occurred Wednesday evening have, unfortunately, become all too common at JSU. For decades, members of the JSU community have been injured or even killed while crossing the two state highways that intersect our campus. We have already had four pedestrians injured in three accidents on these roadways this year.
Since Highways 21 and 204 are state-controlled, it limits the university and city's ability to make improvements to keep our community safe. Representatives from the university and the City of Jacksonville have met with the Alabama Department of Transportation as recently as March to request their assistance but were told the crash data does not warrant any additional precautions. We have already reached out, once again, for assistance.
As you continue to keep Leah Tarvin and her family in your prayers, we ask that you also consider voicing your concerns to ALDOT at This is a heartbreaking situation, and the university will continue to fight to protect our community.
JSU President Killingsworth

ALDOT released this statement in response to Killingsworth:

ALDOT officials have talked with Jacksonville State University officials about concerns that are being expressed. The pedestrian crosswalks on state highways around the JSU campus received upgrades of a few years ago as part of a cooperative project between JSU and ALDOT. The crosswalks are marked with advanced warning signs and other devices to warn drivers to yield to pedestrians, which is required by state law. ALDOT will continue working with university officials to explore other possible safety measures.

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