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Cherokee County Civitan Club Looking for New Members

CHEROKEE COUNTY- Cherokee County Civitan Club President Scott Lloyd said the club continues to serve the community, focusing on helping the physically and intellectually disabled.

“We focus on special needs, but we do other things by helping and donating to a lot of other organizations,” Lloyd said.

Sarah Trammell- Sargent at Arms with Cherokee County Civitan Club presented Sandee Richardson with the Scholarship on Thursday, August 18 at the organization's August meeting.

The club awarded a scholarship to Sandee Richarson a Special Education Teacher at Centre Middle School in Centre to help further her education in Special Education Services.

Richardson gave a very heartfelt thank you to the Cherokee County Civitan and in her thank you she said one thing that stood out, "my classroom's motto is open hearts and listing ears and that is what I try to uphold for my students." Those words are so true.

Special educators like Sandee Richarson, providing not just teaching and education tools but a place of safety for children struggling with intellectual disabilities. These types of educators are providing a safe, warm, and non-judgmental space where the children are free to be themselves and help them learn and overcome their struggles. These educators help form tomorrow's adults.

Living with a physical and/ or intellectual disability can at times be hectic and causes a loss of balance. Together with educators like Richarson, organizations like Cherokee County Civitan Club, and others it is making a huge impact on the lives of those with physical and/ or intellectual disabilities.

Prior to 2020, the Cherokee County Civitan Club was a thriving service organization that has declined in members since, due to COVID.

The organization consists of 19 members but prior to COVID, those numbers were much higher.

During the August meeting, the club did take in three new members, Debbi West, Tara Blanchard, and Sandee Richardson.

Lloyd said they are hoping Cherokee County Civitan Club will revive and will thrive more than it ever has. He also wants the community to know the Civitans are here and serving the people of the community.

He said anyone wishing to join the Cherokee County Civitans is welcome. If you would like to join this amazing and truly making a difference you can contact Scott Lloyd by calling 256-557-3564 or emailing

The Civitan Club is making an impact around the community through the generous hearts of people just like you!

The dues are $25 per 3-month quarter or $100 per year to join. The Cherokee County Civitan Club meets on the third Thursday of each month at The Cove (Smorgasboard) restaurants at 5:30 pm to order from the menu and at 6 pm for the meeting.

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