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Cedar Bluff Council Approves 1.7 Million Dollar Budget

CEDAR BLUFF- During the regular meeting of the Cedar Bluff Town Council, the 2022-23 budget was approved in the amount of 1.7 million dollars. It was increased slightly due to the cost of living raise for employees and increased insurance costs. Police Chief Brody Moses informed the Council his department was in need of two new patrol vehicles at a cost of approximately $90,000. The Council discussed using ARPA Funds to pay for the vehicles. However, Council Member Ritchey said she thought the Town should consider funding the purchase from other means and use the ARPA Funds for something more permanent to benefit the residents of the Town. After considerable discussion, Council Member Harp made a motion to purchase both cars with ARPA Funds. The motion received a second from Council Member Grace with Mayor Crane voting for the measure which passed on a 3 to 1 vote. Chief Moses also presented the Department Activity Report for August with 135 traffic stops, 80 warnings, 55 citations, worked 2 traffic accidents, and made 34 arrests with 11 felonies and 34 misdemeanors, with 24 being drug-related and the department’s canine was utilized 12 times. The department had 14 new investigations with 10 being closed and completed 57 incident and offense reports.

New barricades for the Town’s Street Department were approved for purchase at a cost of $4,440. A new expenditure was added to the Town’s budget with $1,000 being approved for the Family Care Center and Food Bank and $1,000 was approved for the support of the Extended Family for Kids. The Town’s Annual Christmas Parade was set for December 5 with line up at 4:30 pm and the parade rolling at 5 pm. In other businesses, the Council approved the increase of the issuance fee for business licenses to $14.

The next Town Council meeting is on the first Monday in October with the planning session at 4:30 pm and the meeting at 5:30 pm.

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