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Birthday Announcement: Elijah Turns 5 and Cordale Turns 7

Elijah (Eli) Sullivan had his fifth birthday on October 27, and Cordale East had his seventh birthday on October 30. Both cousins celebrated their birthday together on Saturday, October 29 with a party at Sand Rock Town Park, surrounded by family and friends.

Elijah is the son of Scott and Taniesa Sullivan of Leesburg; Grandson of John Sullivan of Ocala, FL, Mary Ann (Jack) Haney of Henager, the late Judy Blackburn formally of Decatur, GA, and the late Rickey East formally of Leesburg; Nephew of Tanya Smith of Cedar Bluff, Michael (Kim) East of Sand Rock, and the late Richard Childers formally of Conyers, GA.

Cordale is the son of Michael and Kim East of Sand Rock; Grandson of Mary (Jack) Haney of Henager, Lenny and Mildred Stansell of Sand Rock, and the late Rickey East formally of Leesburg, Brother of Breanna (Chad) Norris of Sand Rock, and Blake Dobbs of Sand Rock; Nephew of Tanya Smith of Cedar Bluff, Taniesa (Scott) Sullivan of Leesburg.


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