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AT&T Applying Credit to Accounts of Customers Affected by Network Outage

Taniesa L. Sullivan | The Weekly Ledger News | National News (Gray News)

DALLAS, Tx. – AT&T is offering compensation to those who were affected by the cellular outage last week.

The company issued an apology to those who were affected by its Thursday network outage.

“We recognize the frustration this outage has caused and know we let many of our customers down,” AT&T said in a statement. “We understand this may have impacted their ability to connect with family, friends, and others. Small business owners may have been impacted, potentially disrupting an essential way they connect with customers.”

The company said it wants to “make it right” by reaching out to customers who were potentially impacted and automatically applying a credit to their accounts.

Customers will be credited $5, which AT&T says is the average cost of a full day of service.

The company says customers should see the credit in one or two billing cycles. The credit will not apply to AT&T Business, AT&T Prepaid, or Cricket customers.

AT&T said it is also taking steps to prevent another outage from happening in the future.

“Our priority is to continuously improve and be sure our customers stay connected,” it said.

AT&T was one of a number of cellular services nationwide, including T-Mobile and Verizon, that reported service issues Thursday morning.

The company said 70,000 outages were reported across multiple cities including Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago.

By Thursday afternoon, AT&T said service was restored to all customers.

Aside from personal communication, the outages also reportedly affected emergency communicationsas well.

AT&T says its outage was caused by a coding error. Other carriers said their networks were operating normally, and the problems were likely stemming from customers trying to connect to AT&T users, according to the Associated Press.

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