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Alligator Sighting in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL — Huntsville Police say an alligator was spotted around 8 p.m. on Haysland Road in on Friday night.

Police say animal control contacted a game warden in reference to the gator in the road.

Despite the rare Friday night sighting, this isn’t nearly the first time an alligator was seen in North Alabama.

Last year, the city reported a spike in calls of alligator sightings after citizens reported seeing a gator on Zierdt Road in West Huntsville and in the Haysland area of South Huntsville. At that time, officials told a locals News station alligators have been here for a long time, but construction could be driving them to more visible areas.

“You need to stay away and be respectful that they’re living their life out and we just happen to be touching each other’s lives,” said Huntsville Animal Services Director Dr. Karen Sheppard.

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