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Wisdom from the Word by Pastor Dennis Dodson: Does God Hide Himself?

Pastor Dennis Dodson

Contributing Writer, The Weekly Ledger News/ Vice President, and Treasurer, Seeds of Faith, Inc.

Colossians 3:16-17

“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom…”


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Dennis Dodson | The Weekly Ledger News | Wisdom from the Word

In Job 1, Satan is asked if he ever considered the Lord’s servant Job. There was none like him on the earth, he was upright, and he avoided evil. Satan declares that if the hand of protection was removed, and what Job has is taken away, he would curse God to His face. The Lord allows Satan to have his way with Job, but he cannot take his life. Job loses all his flocks and his children in a single day. In all of this, Job sinned not, nor did he charge God foolishly.

God has allowed this tragedy, and this bothers us if we are honest about it. Job’s wife and friends are no help. She tells him to curse God and die (Job 2:9). His friends believe some sin must be present to have caused this. Job begins to seek God. What Job finds out is, that sometimes we have a God who hides.

Job did not falsely accuse God, but in Job 23:1-10, he states that if he could find God and go before the throne, he would plead his case. Job has been looking for God, but He is not there. He looks forward, and back, left, and right, but God is silent. A friend told me, the teacher is usually quiet during the test. Job is sure that God is aware of his circumstances. He also knows that once he has been tested and tried, God will bring him forth as pure gold.

Finally, when we get to Job 39 God speaks out of a whirlwind. He doesn’t make excuses for the silence, but He asks, do you understand the deep things of God? The obvious answer is no. We don’t fully understand how or why God does what He does. God presents many scenarios that leave Job speechless.

We learn from Job, at times, God hides Himself. When God is silent, do not be discouraged. Understand God is always working, even when I don’t see Him. He has promised not to leave or abandon you. Read Psalms 139:7-12.

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