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Summit's Sanctuary; A Girl, Her Pup and Their Bond

Here’s a wonderful example of the exceptional bond that can be formed with the right match of human to dog. In this case, teenage girl to a pup.

We will let Gracie's mother tell you all about her daughter and Nilla's bond.

Picture of Gracie and Nilla

"Nilla is a part of our family in every way. She has a wonderful personality and absolutely loves to cuddle. The joy Nilla has brought my daughter means the world to us. Nilla is a gift to Gracie just as Gracie is a gift to Nilla.

Gracie was a NICU baby and had hospital visits with respiratory issues on top of

being on 13 different meds by the age of two. Her allergy and respiratory issues have

improved as she’s gotten older, and we are so very thankful for that. She still has to take

showers immediately after helping at Summit’s Sanctuary but has no major issues

other than that.

She does absolutely love Auggie and would take him home in a heartbeat, but she breaks out after a prolonged time with him. (Auggie is a wonderful shepherd who

has been at Summit’s Sanctuary for a long time and is still looking for a home.) Gracie has always preferred animals over baby dolls. She connects with them in a way I could never explain.

We knew a couple of years ago that we were ready for our next doggie bundle to love and were waiting patiently as she cannot connect with non-hyper allergenic dogs. I can’t explain it, but I somehow knew immediately that Gracie would be ok with Nilla, and I just knew there would not be an allergy issue with her. So far that has been the case. With all this being said. Thank you.

Thank you for all you do and for making a little girl’s dream come true. Nilla is not just

another dog, she was meant for Gracie."

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