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Staying Mentally Strong This Holiday Season

Emmanuel L. Rock, MS, ALC, NCC

Associate Licensed Counselor/Board Certified Counselor


Weiss Lake Counseling Services, Mental Health Service

839 West Main Street, Centre, AL


Emmanuel L. Rock | The Weekly Ledger News |

You may be reading this and looking forward to Christmas day when you can spend time with your family, eat delicious food, and enjoy each other's company. Some think it's like any other Christmas, that your Christmas spirit has not been ignited. You feel as though you want

everything to come quickly, and not have to think about it. If you're not feeling festive this year, that is perfectly understandable, and you shouldn't feel pressured to celebrate. Sometimes it may not feel like the "best time of the year", but you may need that reality check to help you push through and continue with what is happening in the future. It's not easy during the holidays when it's supposed to be the season of happiness and joy. Yet, despite all this, you may still feel sad, lonely, frustrated, and hopeless. To cope during this holiday season, here are some things you can do to maintain mental and emotional strength. I hope this will be useful to you and others struggling to get into the holiday spirit.

Take care of yourself - that's all we have to do in this life. Once we take care of ourselves, it’s so much easier to take care of others. You may have heard the saying, “you can't pour from an empty cup.” There is so much truth to that. Eating well, getting enough rest, and keeping a positive outlook is among the things that can be done to take care of ourselves.

Be strong for others - remember you must be strong every day for those who can't. There is

someone you know who may not handle the storm. However, you are also in the storm. As you have the strength to continue looking ahead, you are also giving that person the strength to look ahead.

Showing selflessness leads to a sense of purpose and contentment. Being selfless is making

others a priority, not ourselves.

Keep your body and mind active. Why not try and enjoy a hobby you love, or learn to cook a new dish for the family?

Fellowship with others is important, even though it's easy to become distant. It's important to socialize, enjoy the company of others, and stay engaged and busy as much as possible.

Remember, all we can do is try. It's okay to not be perfect. Trying allows us to realize our

strengths and capabilities. If one area doesn't work out, that doesn't mean failure. You can

make the most of this holiday season. I hope you can use this time for your mental and

emotional health and for your family and friends.

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