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Expanded Runway Coming to Gadsden at The Northeast Alabama Regional Airport

A project is beginning to expand the runway at Northeast Alabama Regional Airport in Gadsden, Ala. (Northeast Alabama Regional Airport)

The Gadsden Airport Authority announced last week a project to expand the runway at Gadsden’s Northeast Alabama Regional Airport.

The project would expand and strengthen the runway, currently at 6,800 feet, to a length of 11,000 feet. It will also include upgrades and additions to the airport’s fuel farm.

The authority, working with the City of Gadsden and the Alabama National Guard, are working to secure funding for the project.

According to the authority, the expansion will allow the guard to “significantly expand its presence” at the airport and will expand the airport’s ability to service air freight operations. It will also allow more services to private pilots and industry.

In a statement, the city said the project “will increase training opportunities for the Guard, directly and indirectly, bring jobs to the community, and increase the potential for growth at the airport.”


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