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Cherokee County Commission Meeting – ARPA Funds; New Highway Dept Hires; and County Cleanup Week Set

During the Monday, March 14 meeting of the Cherokee County Commission, several new hires were announced, the “County Cleanup Week” date was set, and a portion of American Rescue Plan Act (otherwise known as ARPA) Grant Funds were marked for distribution locally, as Commission Chairman Tim Burgess explained:

1.) ARPA funds are for individuals that are county employees effective March 14, 2022.

2.) Elected officials would not be receiving any of the ARPA funds.

In other business, five individuals were added on as new hires for HMT-1 positions at the Cherokee County Highway Department – they included: Jason Lee, Joseph Grimes, Carl Law, Keith Jarrells, and Timothy Haney. And April 25 – 30 was proclaimed as “County Cleanup Week” in order to coincide with the Alabama PALS program.

The next meeting of the Cherokee County Commission will take place Monday, March 28 at 5 p.m. in the Cherokee County Administration Building located on Cedar Bluff Road in Centre.

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