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Blackie Lost His Whole World and Needs Help

Leigh Bishop holding Blackie after being very patient with him.

From Leigh Bishop, Summit's Sanctuary in Cedar Bluff:

This is Blackie. Blackie has Lost his whole world and he is scared. He was showing aggression at a foster home with ARF - Animal Rescue Foundation of Rome/Floyd Co. GA and Greta asked me to come to meet him.

The rescue that took his sister today will not take him because of his aggression but he is just scared. He never once growled at me nor did he bite at me. It took me five minutes before I reached out to pet his chest. Then the rest of the story is in the photo.

Blackie is in boarding at West Rome Animal Clinic and I would like him out. If you are willing to be patient and understanding with this guy and either give him a forever home or foster to adopt, please let me know. I can arrange a meeting with Blackie. It will be who he chooses, not me.

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