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The Weekly Ledger, LLC Under New Ownership


The Weekly Ledger, LLC Under New Ownership

“Your Paper, Your Choice of Content”

Leesburg, Alabama –Jonathan Scott and Taniesa L. East -Sullivan acquired The Weekly Ledger, LLC, a Leesburg, Alabama digital advertising and newspaper publication from Tanya L. Smith on September 01, 2022.

“The Weekly Ledger has been a trusted right-sided publication in Northeast Alabama and Northwest Georgia for over a year and we continue to keep it that way”, stated Taniesa L. East - Sullivan, New Owner, Publisher, and Managing Editor of The Weekly Ledger, LLC.

“The Weekly Ledger is an essential publication in this area. When the opportunity was presented to purchase it, we knew that great opportunities do not come every day and that we must recognize and seize them with every chance we get.”, said Mrs. Sullivan.

“Taniesa has been with The Weekly Ledger since the publication began in August of 2021, she has worked as the office manager, and assistant editor and she and Scott have been managing the publication, solely, since March of 2022, while I've been doing other endeavors.

Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan know the ends and out of the publication and I could not be more excited to be handing the reins over to capable hands. I know Taniesa and her husband are going to do great things with this publication and for the community. She has always had a heart for people and our community.”, stated Tanya L. Smith, founder, and former owner of The Weekly Ledger.

On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, at 10 a.m. The Weekly Ledger will have a ribbon cutting at the Cherokee Chamber, located at 801 Cedar Bluff Road in Centre, Alabama to celebrate the transition of ownership and in honor of The Weekly Ledger being in publication servicing the great people of Northeast Alabama, Northwest Georgia, and even the readers worldwide for over a year.

The Sullivans would like to invite everyone to come be a part of the celebration on September 27.

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