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The City of Centre Could Be Getting a New City Hall on Main Street

Centre City Hall sign at the old City Hall building on Main Street next to Centre Fire Department.

CENTRE- At the Tuesday Planning Meeting of the Centre City Council, Mayor Mark Mansfield brought up the topic of building a new city hall. “Today I am proposing that we move forward with a feasibility study regarding building a new city hall on the old middle school property,” Mansfield stated. “The community center has been a great temporary option for us, but it was not designed to be a city hall, it was designed to be a community center and rental facility.”

Mansfield expressed that they needed a facility where all city employees could be under one roof and that it needed to be located on Main St. “The Police Station is on Main Street; the Courthouse is going to be on Main Street, and I think we need City Hall to be on Main Street.”

In the last city council meeting, Johnny Williams with the Forrest Frost Group had just completed the annual audit and that the favorable budget of the general fund was in the amount of almost $1.5 million. Overall, that increased the fund balance by $1.7 million. Williams stated that the City of Centre is in excellent condition. “The timing of this project is good, and the city is in an excellent financial position. This project can be built using city funds without taking on any new debt.” Mansfield stated.

The council agreed on the mayor to conduct a feasibility study, by traveling to other city halls around the area and getting a feel for the dimensions and costs associated with the potential project.

The council will then meet again and discuss his findings. (WEIS)

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