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Summerville, GA Mayor Says Flood was Unprecedented

Summerville Mayor Harry Harvey says that the damage to the city’s water treatment plant is unprecedented. The plant was submerged in flood waters on Sunday morning, causing major damage to electrical systems inside the building.

Harvey told the media on Monday, “We’ve never had anything like this before”, but the mayor added, “things are not as bad as they could be.”

There was no loss of life from the storms, but businesses and homes have suffered extensive damage, especially in the downtown area where flooding was most pronounced. Dirt and the adjacent market received major damage. Efforts were underway on Monday to clean up the mess that flood waters left behind.

The law offices of Cook and Connelly and Albert Palmour also received major damage from the flood.

Mayor Harvey said on Monday that workers were on-site at the water treatment plant and that the city will have a better idea of what needs to be done and will be developing a plan to get water service restored today. Harvey said, “We should have a much better assessment of what needs to be done.”

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