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Lawsuit Filed Against Officers and Cities Following Labor Day Weekend Incident

(WEIS) CENTRE- Per WEIS Radio they received information that a lawsuit has now been filed in connection with a recent incident at the East Street Bar & Restaurant in Centre.

Terry Lee Hawkins, Jr., the plaintiff in the lawsuit, states that he was the victim of excessive force in addition to having his Fourth Amendment rights violated.

He has filed suit against the off duty Sheriff’s Office Deputy, Daniel Holcomb; Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver; Cedar Bluff Police Officer Seth Bishop; two Centre Police Officers Michael Kilgore and Emily Troxtel, in addition to what is referred to as – “two unknown employees of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, and two unknown employees of the Leesburg Police Department” – along with the cities of Centre, Cedar Bluff and Leesburg.

The lawsuit also states that officer’s Holcomb and Bishop were intoxicated during the encounter, when Holcomb, who was off duty, delivered elbow shots to the back of Hawkin’s head after being tased by officer Kilgore.

At the time of Holcomb’s actions, the lawsuit states that Plaintiff Hawkins was already restrained face down with his arms secured behind his back.

According to the lawsuit, the conduct visited upon the plaintiff was not only excessive but unjustified and unprovoked.

Hawkins was issued citations from the Centre Police Department for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, then given a $300 appearance bond.

The incident took place over the Labor Day weekend.

Below is the PDF of the lawsuit filed.

Download • 4.08MB

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