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Is This the Final Chapter of Humanity?

I had the privilege of meeting two members of the Ukrainian Parliament while I was working in Washington, D.C. Tommye and I entertained them in our apartment for two hours. They contacted me specifically because I was known as a pastor who worked to advance Christianity in government, and they were both Christians.

I will never forget the tenderness of their hearts nor the steel in their spines to advance a righteous agenda in their country, known for its graft and corruption. I can only wonder what they are doing today with Russian tanks rumbling through their country and missiles raining down on their loved ones.

What we see unfolding in Ukraine may be the beginning of the final chapter of humanity. This is a time when every child of God should fall on their faces and cry out to a holy God, and repent for our willful rebellion of His laws and ways.

God has a prophetic time clock, or as I like to think of it, a prophetic combination lock with three roles of tumblers. The unique thing about a combination lock is that even when all three roles of tumblers are aligned, it still appears to be secure ... until the owner applies the slightest touch to the heavy part of the lock, and suddenly it reveals all that has been locked away.

Equally unique is the security of the lock when two tumblers are aligned and the third is only one digit from being aligned. It remains as secure as when all three are disarrayed. Everything must be in place for the lock to be released and, today, it appears everything continues as it always has, but for the discerning, we know that the end is near.

Tumbler number one has to do with the state of the church when Jesus returns. The Scripture speaks of a huge falling way and a general lukewarmness spoken of in Revelation 3. Clearly, we are there as wokeness seems to be choking out the life of the church as pastors are increasingly embracing a false theology.

Tumbler number two has to do with the nation of Israel. In my lifetime, we have gone from no Israel and over six million exterminated by a madman in Europe to Israel becoming one of the most powerful nations in the world. There is no explanation for that phenomena apart from a holy God. The Scripture says that the era that sees Israel restored to her rightful place among the nations will not pass away until all things are restored.

The third tumbler has to do with the state of the nations when Jesus returns. It speaks of the power to the north and power to the east. Russia and China fill that prophecy and could well be the final tumbler being aligned.


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