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Governor Kay Ivey Moves Forward with Proposal for Rebate Checks

Taniesa L. Sullivan | The Weekly Ledger News

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WVTM)Governor Kay Ivey says she is moving forward with a proposal to give every taxpayer in the state a one-time rebate.

The governor is proposing a rebate of up to $400 per taxpayer and $800 per family. Right now, the legislature is deciding what to do with a little over a billion dollars left in COVID-19 relief funds and an education budget surplus of just under $3 billion. Governor Ivey's proposal has the one-time rebates coming from the education surplus. She says she's hopeful for quick action.

"And certainly, in time for folks to take their summer vacation," Ivey adds. "But look, this is the people's money. And we won't always have these reserves that we had this year. And when we've got this kind of money, it's only right that we give some of it back directly to the people."

Governor Ivey is also proposing a 2-percent pay raise for teachers, working to make the starting salary for teachers in Alabama the highest in the southeast by the end of her current term in office.

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