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Gadsden Regional Medical Center Statement on the Leave of CEO Justin Bryant

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Gadsden Regional Medical Center, Gadsden, Alabama

The Gadsden Regional Medical Center's Marketing Manager, Whitney Alexander, has reached out to The Weekly Ledger requesting that we remove *immediately* our article where "Reportedly, on Wednesday, July 27, the CEO of Gadsden Regional Medical Center was escorted from the facility."

Justin Bryant, former CEO at Gadsden Regional Medical Center in Gadsden, Alabama.

Gadsden Regional Medical Center owned by CHS (Community Health Systems) has provided The Weekly Ledger with a statement. "Justin Bryant has resigned as CEO. We appreciate his leadership as the hospital responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. A search to identify a new permanent leader will begin immediately.

Denten Park, interim CEO at Gadsden Regional Medical Center, Gadsden, Alabama

Denten Park, a seasoned hospital administrator, will serve as interim CEO during the transition. Park has strong leadership experience gained through holding executive positions at hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers in Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming." stated Whitney Alexander, Marketing Manager at Gadsden Regional Medical Center.

The Weekly Ledger still has our investigative reporter on the story, and we will update with any additional information as it becomes available.

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Ray Hatchett
Ray Hatchett
Dec 08, 2022

Gadsden Regional Hospital professionals and nonprofessionals need to be under an investigation big time

evidences have shown patients rights are violated once they are admitted

God Bless anyone that has to enter the hospital


Best thing to happen to grmc. Sad that so many professionals quit before they saw the light!

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