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Downtown Rome Shoe Store Gets Alcohol Pouring License

Rome, GA- The Alcohol Control Commission has approved a beer/wine pouring license for The Early Way shoe store on Broad Street in downtown Rome.

The application of Mr. Rontavious Coley, owner of The Early Way on Broad, 200 Broad Street, was presented. Mr. Coley requested that a new Beer and Wine Pouring License be issued to him at that location.

Secretary Smith reported that this application is somewhat unusual since this business is a retail shoe/accessories store. Mr. Coley took the podium and explained that his store is a high-end shoe store with some other fashion accessories and his is goal is to provide a luxury shopping environment for his customers. Mr. Coley added that some of his products are very expensive, and he often attracts a high-end clientele. In addition to offering complimentary beer and wine to some of his customers, Mr. Coley would also like to have entertainment in the evenings. He explained that this entertainment could be in the form of musical acts or even comedians. These nighttime entertainment events would likely require a ticket for admission and beer and wine would be sold during these events.

Mr. Coley was cautioned that since his business is located in a building that houses apartments, he should always be aware of the level of noise coming from his entertainment. The King Fisher Art Studio is also located on the street level of the same apartment building and King Fisher often has entertainment. It was explained to Mr. Coley that the Rome Fire Marshall and Building Inspector would reexamine his facility to insure he meets the building and fire codes for this type of alcohol and entertainment use. Mr. Coley indicated he was aware that persons who work in this business and serve alcohol would be required to get an alcohol sales permit from the Rome Police Department and that Sunday alcohol service or sales would not be allowed. Mr. Coley concluded his comments by stating that his employees would be properly trained and that only persons 21 or older would be allowed into the nighttime entertainment events. He plans to end his entertainment events by 11:00 p.m. in the evenings. Mr. Cooper moved to approve the Beer and Wine Pouring License request as submitted, subject to all final inspections and approvals by the appropriate city officials. Mr. Kendrick seconded, and the vote was unanimously in favor.

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