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Cherokee Rose Garden Club Fall Project at Cedar Bluff Park

By Diane Traister

Once again members of the Cherokee Rose Garden Club have decorated the

Cedar Bluff Park for the Fall Season.

We had most of the Cherokee Rose Garden Club members participating in this beautiful fall project at Cedar Bluff Park. As the project was being put into place, we had many cars stopping and honking their horns. The people of Cedar Bluff truly appreciate the projects the Cherokee Rose Garden Club does each fall season for the park.

There are numerous decorations, with every size and shape of scarecrows

imaginable. We have witches inviting you to a chair to ‘SIT A SPELL’. There

are ghosts dancing and playing, and so much more. We invite everyone from all around to come and see for themselves.

We don’t think anyone will be disappointed.

So, those of you who live on the other side of the pond, please hop on over to Cedar Bluff Park and “SIT A SPELL”.

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