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Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Recognizes Local Heroes for Their Lifesaving Actions

PHOTO: Pictured left to right are Principal Brian Clowdis, Chief Deputy Josh Summerford, Aubrey Sadler, Lillian Thacker, SRO Jamie Parris, Sheriff Jeff Shaver, and Lt. Jordan Kelley.

SPRING GARDEN - On Friday Sheriff Shaver got to present awards to some amazing individuals for their lifesaving actions back in August.

At a Spring Garden football game, halftime was just ending as football manager Lillian Thacker collapsed on the sideline. Senior Aubrey Sadler jumped the fence after seeing Lillian fall to the ground and took action to get help. SRO Jamie Parris, seeing what happened, ran to Lillian’s aid and discovered that she had no pulse. SRO Parris began CPR and, after a few moments, found a pulse had returned and color began coming back to Lillian’s face. Lillian is back at school and continues to be a miracle to Spring Garden School and the community.

“I want to commend Jamie for the amazing job he does,” Sheriff Shaver said. “Jamie is a wonderful part of both the Sheriff’s Office and Spring Garden, and we are so lucky to have him being the mentor, role model, and now life saver here with us.”

Sheriff Shaver also said, “Aubrey should be commended as well. It’s not every student that would do what she did. Lillian is lucky to have friends like Aubrey watching out and caring enough to go against human nature to help those in need.”

Sheriff Shaver presented Aubrey and SRO Parris with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Life Saving Award for their quick actions that most likely saved Lillian.

(From Cherokee County Sheriff's Department Facebook page)

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