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Chair Yoga a Gentler Alternative to Exercise, Cherokee Co. Public Library Offers a 15-Minute Class

A chair appears to be getting some people off the couch and out of the office.

Many are finding Chair yoga as a welcome and non-daunting alternative exercise method.

The system, of unknown origins, was brought to the forefront by California-based instructor Lakshinu Voelker in the early 1980s, by utilizing a chair as a station and exercise prop to perform traditional yoga stretching exercises.

Geri Ross, 60, a Chair yoga instructor from Lakeland, Florida said, “I think cardio is wonderful, but you can (also) get that in a yoga class where you are working the large muscle groups and you are getting your heart rate up."

"Chair yoga is great for people with medical conditions or those who prefer not to get on the floor or can't because of aging; as we get older some of those simple things, we used to be able to do, we just can't because our bodies are getting older."

“Chair yoga adapts regular Hatha yoga poses on the chair. Were you center, usually seated on the chair, and then move to the warm-up and think about stacking the bones."

Ross said, "stacking the bones" smoothly locomotes the focus from one joint to another in order to get a total body experience and benefit.

"Instructors of Chair yoga might start with the ankles and move to the knees and then the hips, waist, and shoulder," Ross said. "Even with the tongue, there is a lion’s breath technique. Stacking the joints promotes total body awareness and good posture."

"Once warm-ups are complete, the instructor might have the group works on balance, which includes standing up behind the chair and implementing some traditional yoga poses like the "tree" or "eagle," Ross said.

Chair yoga is gentler. It’s not that it is easy, but it is gentler on the body. Chair yoga can help those with joint pain, and it can help those with ability issues who may not be able to exercise the traditional way, it is great for boosting your mood, reducing stress, improving your flexibility, concentration, and strength and anyone can do Chair yoga nearly anywhere as long as you can find a place to sit.

The Cherokee County Public Library offers a FREE Chair yoga class every second and third Friday of every month from 11:45 am to 12 pm, an easy 15-minute session that can fit into anyone's day and relieve some stress.

Attendees at one of the Chair yoga classes at Cherokee Co. Public Library in Centre.

On the second and third Friday of every month at 11:45 am, you can find several ladies congregating at the Cherokee County Public Library at 310 Mary Street in Centre ready to grab a seat, relieve stress, and reach for new goals with instructor Linda Abernathy.

Photo of Yoga instructor Linda Abernathy, Yoga by Linda

The library's next Chair yoga scheduled classes will be on August 12 and 19 from 11:45 am to 12 pm.

If you are interested in attending Chair yoga and would like more information on it, you can call the Cherokee County Public library at 256-927-5838.


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