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Adult Foster Homes Needed in Cherokee County

By: Taniesa L Sullivan

Did you know that adults need foster homes in Alabama too?

Did you know we need adult foster homes in Cherokee County?

We have all heard of caregivers and nursing homes, but what about adult foster homes?

There has become an increased need for adult foster homes for adult protective services.

Due to reports of physical abuse, neglect, exploitation for the adults and when those are reported DHR has to investigate them.

But you may ask why is there a need for adult foster homes and not just caregivers or nursing homes?

DHR is in need adult foster homes because some of them are not at the criteria to go into a nursing home but they need someone to help them with household cleaning and cooking their meals and medication administration. An sadly these are the ones that fall through societies cracks because no one knows there’s a problem.

In the last few years, the need for adult foster parents has increased by around 30 percent.

Cherokee County only has one adult foster home in its whole county and the need for more is tremendous.

Contact Cherokee County DHR at 256-927-1440 and ask how you can sign up today.

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