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27 Year Old Piedmont Man Killed in Vehicle vs. Bicycle Crash

Piedmont, AL- The Piedmont Police Department responded to a series of crashes involving a White F-250 XL Super Duty around 4:46pm Friday evening. The F-250 hit a vehicle, a pedestrian on a bicycle, and then crashed fully into the Noble Bank & Trust building located at 201 N. Main Street in Piedmont. Police Chief Nathan Johnson, stated, "The vehicle was initially involved in a vehicle vs. vehicle crash at Main St. and Seaboard. The Ford continued to travel Northbound, striking a power pole and multiple curbs. The driver also struck and killed, bicyclist that was on the side of the road and continued driving until the vehicle struck the Noble Bank & Trust building.”

Calhoun County Coroner, Pat Brown, advised, “Thomas Wayne Bennefield, 27, of Piedmont was struck and killed on a bicycle by a motorist.” He went to say that the victim would be sent to the medical examiner for a full autopsy.

The driver of the F250, identified as Rory Oneal Calhoun age 62, was transported to the Etowah County hospital. Once Mr. Calhoun was checked and released from the hospital, he was then arrested for Criminal Negligent Homicide DUI, and pending additional charges.

He was transported to the Piedmont City Jail and was awaiting transport to the Calhoun County Jail where bonds will be set.

(Combined Sources)

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