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2022 Local First Responders Desk Calendars, Still Available

We still have a few 2022 Local First Responders desk calendars left for sale, $15. All proceeds will be going to the Cherokee Co. Career and Technology Center Fire and Emergency Serivces program.

Want to give a big thanks to all the men and women that was nominated for this year's calendar.

Cover - All Cherokee County Firefighters

January - Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver

February - The Late FF Jeremy Givens, Rome Fire Dept.

March - FF Timothy Burgess, Sand Rock Fire Dept.

April - Alabama State Trooper Jeff Harp

May - LT. Scott Sullivan, Leesburg Fire Dept.

June - FF Forrest Stafford, City of Centre Fire Dept.

July - Chief Jeremy Lee, City of Centre Fire Dept.

August - Officer Zach Fife, Centre Police Dept.

September - FF Pamela Burgess, Sand Rock Fire Dept.

October - FF Zeph Fife, City of Centre Fire Dept.

November - All Cherokee County Law Enforcement

December - CTC Fire and Emergency Services Program with Chief Jeremy Lee

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